Saturday, February 11, 2017

Microsoft Grants Manager Plus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As creators of Microsoft Grants Manager Plus for Dynamics 365, we receive many questions on the solution.  Here are some of those we receive most frequently:
  1. Does Grants Manager Plus work on my version of Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365? Yes, the solution has been available since version 4.0 and we publish new versions on CodePlex for each new version of the product as they are released by Microsoft. 
  2. Does the Grants Manager Plus solution include a portal for grantees? No, the solution files do not include the portal as you have several options for the portal depending on your preferences for features and the deployment model.  This blog post has more information. InfoStrat also offers an optional portal:  
  3. Is there a video demonstration I can watch?  Check out the Grants Manager Plus channel on YouTube. 
  4. How much does Grants Manager Plus cost?  The solution is a free download, but you will need Microsoft Dynamics to run it.  InfoStrat has a cost calculator for Dynamics 365
  5. How can I integrate with my accounting system?  Grants Manager Plus includes integration points which can be customized and extended to meet your integration needs.  Out of the box, the integration points were built for Dynamics AX (Dynamics 365 Operations). 
  6. How does Grants Manager Plus handle documents such as attachments to the grant application? Dynamics 365 supports file attachments in Notes and also includes integration with SharePoint, either in Office 365 or deployed on premises. 
  7. What is the security model for Grants Manager Plus? Microsoft Grants Manager Plus is built on the Microsoft platform, including Dynamics 365 and SQL Server, so it shares the same security model as these products.  It includes record and field level security as well as an organizational hierarchy in the security model which together provide quite granular security options.  You may use single sign-on in conjunction with Active Directory. 
  8. Can I customize Grants Manager Plus for the specific requirements of my agency?  Yes, you can make customizations such as adding fields, reports, views, and workflows to the solution.
  9. Can Grants Manager Plus support multilingual grant applications? Yes, Microsoft supports localization and stores data in unicode so that you can tailor the solution for multiple target languages. 
  10. How can I learn more?  I have posted additional links in this blog post. 

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