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Azure Solves the Supply Chain for IT Hardware

Photo by  Mika Baumeister  on  Unsplash Guest Author:  Kirk Evans [this post first appeared on ] Keep your business moving forward instead of being stuck in neutral waiting for bottlenecks in the Supply Chain to open. There are many things I miss about owning my own business.  The freedom to decide on what opportunities to pursue.  Decisions on how you will perform and present yourself as a business.  What I don't miss are the challenges you all face daily.  Workforce shortages, increasing costs, and a problem that is becoming more prevalent with no signs of going away, supply chain issues. The last issue is the purpose of this blog.  While I cannot offer a solution for global issues, I may have a cloud-based alternative to get your business moving forward instead of being stuck in neutral waiting for bottlenecks in the IT hardware supply chain to open. Secure Solution is Paramount  If you have been reading our posts in the past, you will understand that'

Flexible Grant Management Software: Long Term Considerations

Photo by  Richard Horvath  on  Unsplash I have worked on  grant management systems for federal, state, and local governments as well as non-profits for over twenty years.  I have noticed a new emphasis on the requirement for flexibility in creating a system which can be easily modified to handle new grant programs and changes in business rules. Here are my top dos and don'ts from our experience and that of our customers: Whether you are a grantor or a grantee, don't develop a new system for every program .  When a new program is created, it may seem simpler to start from scratch and spin up a new system in order to avoid changes to your existing system.  This approach is an easy trap to fall into, but later you will end up with multiple systems which separately need to be maintained, upgraded, and enhanced.  Creating reports that combine data from multiple systems is needlessly difficult compared to using a centralized, integrated approach from the beginning. Consider yo

New NaviPayroll Feature: Pay Stub Emails

Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash The latest version of Serenic NaviPayroll incorporates dozens of new features and enhancements, but the most exciting is generating pay stub emails. This feature automatically sends an electronic version of the pay stub as part of the batch processing for each pay period. You can individually configure employees to receive pay stub emails, or use filters to configure the pay stub feature for all or selected groups of employees. To learn more, see the Sylogist Knowledge Center .