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CRM Concepts: One Opportunity or Many?

If you track your sales in a customer relationship system (CRM) such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, the most important thing to track are arguably sales opportunities. Opportunities happen in the sales cycle when you can match up a person (contact) or organization (account) that may purchase something.  This seems simple so far, but there are some business decisions to make about how to track the opportunities.  Being consistent in how you track opportunities will make your reporting more useful later on, especially if you have a sales force who each enter opportunities.   Opportunities all have an account or contact as a buyer, and one or more products or services that the prospective customer is considering.  Opportunities have owners, and this ownership may have implications on what records users can see and update, or even affect commission compensation.  When you purchase a new car, this may also create an opportunity for the dealer to provide financing.  You could purch