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Introducing Microsoft Viva Sales

Source: This month Microsoft introduced Viva Sales , the first role-based offering on the Microsoft Viva employee experience suite. Viva was announced in February 2021 and included many new tools and features as well as extensive integrations with third party providers of training, collaboration, analytics  and productivity tools.  For instance, Microsoft announced these integrations in November 2021: Viva Learning : SAP SuccessFactors, Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, Coursera, Skillsoft, Pluralsight, edX, Udemy, Go1, Infosec, Josh Bersin Academy, Udacity*, Harvard Business Review*, OpenSesame*, and EdCast* Viva Connections : Qualtrics, ServiceNow, UKG, Talentsoft, StandOut by ADP, Adobe Sign, Moveworks, Lifeworks, Limeade, Tribute, Blue Yonder, Zebra-Reflexis, Workday*, DocuSign*, EdCast*, and Espressive* Viva Insights : Qualtrics, Glint and Headspace Viva exists in the security context of Microsoft 365 and is integrated with Microsoft

Serenic Navigator Case Study: The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)

Serenic Software published a new case study on how the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) uses Serenic Navigator accounting software to support its mission of improving nutrition around the world.  GAIN makes extensive use of many Serenic Navigator features such as budget plans and budget ledger. GAIN can define sub-plans, track the progress and status of multiple budgets simultaneously, and allows adjustments to posted budgets within Serenic Navigator.  Serenic Navigator further enables project accounting functions, including projects supported by multiple funding sources which each bring their own compliance requirements.  Serenic took on the responsibility of advising GAIN on best practices when it comes to the management of grants and projects through the use of Serenic Navigator financial reporting dimensions. Dale Cockman, head of GAIN United States and Senior Manager for Financial Systems commented,  “What’s great is our budget preparers can easily access current and