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Happy New Year to My Blog Readers

Happy New Year and thank you to all who have read my blog and provided blog post topic suggestions.  A blog is a hungry beast and I'm planning to do even more in 2020 to share fresh content on CRM, grant management, government contracting, victim notification and other topics. It was exciting to cross over the 1 million page view metric in 2019.  Next year will hold many new developments and opportunities to expand my connections to colleagues around the world.  On behalf of myself and InfoStrat, I wish all a safe and happy 2020. Cheers,  Jim

ScreenMeet Remote Support Tool for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

I met Lou Guercia when he was president and CEO of Scribe Software, the leading CRM integration tool.  Scribe was acquired by TIBCO Software in 2018.  I recently reconnected with Lou and learned about ScreenMeet, the company he joined as chief operating officer.   The following is a description of the product provided by ScreenMeet: ScreenMeet is a cloud-based remote support tool designed to integrate with Dynamics 365 Customer Service. By enabling customer service and IT support organizations to address critical technical issues directly from their CRM or ticketing platform, it streamlines the process and provides a fully browser-based support experience. You can also use ScreenMeet with other CRM products or even on its own without a CRM. Here is a short video demo of ScreenMeet with Dynamics integration: ScreenMeet - Cloud-based Remote Support Integrated with Dynamics 365 Customer Support Once integrated with a Dynamics 365 CS organization, the ScreenMeet widget appea