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Elements of Microsoft Stimulus360

Microsoft Stimulus360 offers a rich set of content, features and tools for state and local government to track funding, proposals and projects relating to the economic stimulus program. Many customers have asked me for a brief summary of what Stimulus360 contains, so here is the shortest version ever. I think Stimulus360 boils down to these fundamental elements: Collaborative tools. Users need a place to share information, collaborate on documents such as proposals and status reports, and view dashboards and other reports. Stimulus360 provides a portal for these purposes. Data analysis. Managers want to see information in many ways. Stimulus360 provides sophisticated tools to aggregate data, showing totals in multiple dimensions such as geographically, by program type, by agency, and more. Detailed project tracking. In order to general reports to federal agencies such as the Office of Management and Budget as well as state agencies, Stimulus360 provides a detailed data model and data e

New InfoStrat Video on Channel 9

Channel 9 just posted the latest InfoStrat video featuring Josh Wall and Josh Blake showing a Microsoft Surface control to interact with Virtual Earth. This impressive video was filmed at the Microsoft Technology Center in Reston, VA. The original proof of concept was developed for a Department of Defense customer. InfoStrat is one of Microsoft's pioneers in Surface development, and has integrated the device into multiple solutions for public sector and commercial uses. The control is available on CodePlex .

Blogs and Bloggers

This is my most meta posting ever. I'm blogging about my blogging today. I have been invited as a guest blogger by Microsoft. Check it out here . The blog is about Gov 2.0 and Stimulus360, two of my favorite subjects. Perhaps next I will tweet about this blog that points to the other blog.