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National Dialogue on U.S. Stimulus

This week you can witness a bold experiment in Gov 2.0. The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and the Office of Management and Budget in partnership with the National Academy of Public Administration, is currently hosting a week-long national online dialogue to engage leading information technology (IT) vendors, thinkers, and consumers to provide ideas on how best to use as a place to monitor the expenditure and use of recovery funds. The format of the site is for a user to suggest an idea, and then other users submit comments on that idea. Most of the ideas I read were vendors touting software products, although some were more general. Ideas are rated by visitors on a scale of 1 to five stars. As of today, near the end of the discussion period, fewer than 300 ideas had been posted. The highest rated idea was four stars. The highest number of comments for an idea was 31 comments. Most of the ideas have no rating and no comments. The site is interesting a

Microsoft Stimulus360 Solution

Microsoft has just announced an exciting solution for state and local government to track efforts relating to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Based on several Microsoft products that are already in wide government use, Stimulus360 provides site templates, scorecards, workflows and project tracking to help government agencies comply with Stimulus requirements. You can walk through the solution on the Microsoft Public Sector Demonstration site.