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Common Finance System for Dioceses and Archdioceses

Updated 2/22/22 The Roman Catholic Churc h is organized into dioceses around the world.  Dioceses ruled by an archbishop are commonly referred to as archdioceses. In the Washington, DC area, there are  more than 655,000  Catholics , 139 parishes, and 92  Catholic  schools under the  The Archdiocese of  Washington.  This structure means that diocesan finances are complex, and can involve dozens or hundreds of reporting entities including parishes, schools, and other diocesan organizations.  Adopting a common finance system can simplify reporting, save money on software, maintenance and training, and ensure consistency throughout the diocese. Here is an example of how a diocese might be organized in terms of reporting entities. At Serenic we are seeing a growing trend toward standardization of accounting software to simplify tracking and reporting for dioceses and their entities.  Serenic Navigator, powered by Microsoft Business Central, offers an intuitive and easy to use solution for p

What's New in Serenic Employee Central

The latest (November 2021) version of Serenic Employee Central includes several enhancements such as: Ability for Payroll Admins to view  another  employee ’s  information Ability to submit Leave Requests from Employee Central Ability to filter leave requests by status Ability to sort leave request by request date Addition of Profile, Location, Hire, and Termination date to the User Profile grid to make it easier to sort users Updated field values for cleaner data entry for change requests Ability to see full details of job listing under profile section Ability to choose a pay statement version based on details you wish to show on pay statements Ability to customize PTO policy period Ability to show or hide available PTO balance on pay statement Ability to automatically disable the logins of terminated users following a specified number of days The option to assign Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) security to the Serenic Framework and its modules.  Serenic customers can contact the su