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InfoStrat Grants Manager Plus Overview

Updated August 3, 2022 Grants Manager Plus is one of InfoStrat's most popular software solutions.    We developed Grants Manager Plus to help grantor organizations streamline their grant processes.   InfoStrat has provided  grant management solutions since the late 1990s.  We developed Stimulus 360 for Microsoft in 2009 to help state and local government track stimulus funding.   Grants Manager Plus was introduced in 2010.   The solution is based on Power Apps/Microsoft Dynamics 365, the product originally called Dynamics CRM.   InfoStrat maintains Grants Manager Plus to take advantage of new features in Dynamics as well as follow our product roadmap of new grant features.  The overarching goal of Grants Manager Plus is to capture the entire grant life cycle for grantors, starting with establishing funding sources, accepting applications, online review, scoring, award, and post-award reporting all the way to close out. Grants Manager Plus provides a portal user interface for