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Account-Based Marketing with Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions Account-based marketing (ABM) is a sales strategy that starts by identifying companies or other organizations that are likely customers and targeting people at those organization rather than gathering leads from broadly-based marketing initiatives.  Interest in ABM has been growing, and a number of companies such as Terminus and Marketo offer software tools to help with your ABM efforts. Users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions already own some of the key tools for an effective account-based marketing approach.  Here are ways you can use what you own: Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes Insights powered by InsideView to allow you to look up companies and contacts based on your search criteria.  This is a good way to jumpstart your account list and learn about a company's people, products and revenue. Use Dynamics 365  Marketing Lists to track the accounts you are targeting. As you refine your app

5 Warning Signs Your Software Development is Not Agile

Source:  The most popular software development methodology today is called  Agile , and is based on short, iterations called sprints which are designed to quickly produce results. The software in progress is used to get further input from users. Agile is designed to meet customer requirements more quickly than approaches which emphasized production of documents which would only become working software month or years later. Nearly everyone claims their approach to software development is Agile, and formal solicitations from government and commercial customers often ask for promises to use Agile as well as industry certifications for project personnel such as "scrum masters" who lead the sprints. Just because software developers say they are using Agile does not make it so.  My company InfoStrat is often called in to rescue projects that are supposedly Agile but are running beh

Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM) MVPs and their Blogs

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals  (MVP) are active in the information technology community and help spread knowledge on Microsoft products.  Many of them are prolific bloggers and are great sources for technical tips and review of the latest in Dynamics 365 (formerly CRM). Here are some of the Dynamics MVPs and links to their blogs: Adam Vero Aiden Kaskela Alessandro Graps Andre Margono   Andrii Butenko Anne Stanton Atilio Rosas Estigarribia Baris Kanlica Daniel Cai Daryl LaBar David Yack Debajit Dutta Deepesh Somani Demian Adolfo Raschkovan Donna Edwards   Feridun Kudir  Frank Hamelly Frank Lee George Doubinski Guido Preite Gus Gonzalez Gustaf Westerlund Hasibur Rahman Jamie Miley Jason Cosman Jason Lattimer Jim Wang Jerry Weinstock Joe Gill Joel Lindstrom Jonas Rapp Jukka Niiranen Julie Yack Leon Tribe   Marius Agur Pedersen Mark Smith Mitch Milam Natraj Yegnaraman Neil Benson Neil Pankhurst Nicolae Tarla Pablo Peralta Pedro Azev

6 Things to Look for in Grant Management Software My company InfoStrat has been working on government grant management since 1998, and we have seen and responded to a number of solicitations for grant management software.  This post summarizes what grantors are looking for in a software package, highlighting some recent trends that have emerged in this market. Here are the top characteristics desired in a grant management software package: Compatibility with the enterprise architecture of the customer .  Most customers prefer to buy software that is compatible with what they already own in order to simplify support.  We see RFPs that specify the database, for instance, as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle to be compatible with reporting tools already in use. Flexibility to meet grant program requirements and respond to changes in requirements . There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all for grants.  A highway grant from the Department of Transportation is quite different from a neighborhood protection