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What's New in Serenic Navigator Fall 2021

  Highlights of Serenic Navigator Improvements The latest release of Serenic Navigator includes several small but impactful enhancements. Improvements to the User Interface Focus mode allows you to expand areas on certain pages (e.g., the  Lines  FastTab on a purchase document), allowing for easier data entry. See the  Key Terms for the User Interface  article for more information (link below). Indicators will show when your data has been saved. ( Note:  Saving is automatic.) The  Navigate  feature has been renamed  Find Entries . General Improvements or Improvements to Multiple Areas You can make personalization changes that apply to a profile (e.g., create a Saved View available to all users with that profile). See the  Make Personalization Changes for a Profile  article for more information. The  Name  and  Description  fields have been expanded to 100 characters on several records, including vendors, customers, and items. Also, the  Description  field on the general journal has bee