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Common Finance System for Dioceses and Archdioceses

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What's New in Serenic Employee Central

The latest (November 2021) version of Serenic Employee Central includes several enhancements such as: Ability for Payroll Admins to view  another  employee ’s  information Ability to submit Leave Requests from Employee Central Ability to filter leave requests by status Ability to sort leave request by request date Addition of Profile, Location, Hire, and Termination date to the User Profile grid to make it easier to sort users Updated field values for cleaner data entry for change requests Ability to see full details of job listing under profile section Ability to choose a pay statement version based on details you wish to show on pay statements Ability to customize PTO policy period Ability to show or hide available PTO balance on pay statement Ability to automatically disable the logins of terminated users following a specified number of days The option to assign Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) security to the Serenic Framework and its modules.  Serenic customers can contact the su

What's New in Serenic Navigator Fall 2021

  Highlights of Serenic Navigator Improvements The latest release of Serenic Navigator includes several small but impactful enhancements. Improvements to the User Interface Focus mode allows you to expand areas on certain pages (e.g., the  Lines  FastTab on a purchase document), allowing for easier data entry. See the  Key Terms for the User Interface  article for more information (link below). Indicators will show when your data has been saved. ( Note:  Saving is automatic.) The  Navigate  feature has been renamed  Find Entries . General Improvements or Improvements to Multiple Areas You can make personalization changes that apply to a profile (e.g., create a Saved View available to all users with that profile). See the  Make Personalization Changes for a Profile  article for more information. The  Name  and  Description  fields have been expanded to 100 characters on several records, including vendors, customers, and items. Also, the  Description  field on the general journal has bee

Sylogist Acquires and The Portal Connector

This week my company Sylogist announced the acquisition of and The Portal Connector .  I'm excited about this news, because I have known about for a long time and InfoStrat is a partner for The Portal Connector.  Yes, you are reading correctly that Sylogist has closed two new acquisitions in the space of a week. has been in business for 52 years.  You can learn more from their company  timeline .  As you might expect, their offering has changed over time.  Today the three principal offerings are managed infrastructure services, professional services for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, and their unique product offering called The Portal Connector.  It's The Portal Connector (TPC) that made me aware of in the first place.  The Portal Connector provides a full content management system for portals which integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Power Apps.  We are using TPC for our clients and were always impressed with the pro

Sylogist Acquires Mission CRM -- Dynamics 365 for Nonprofit Fundraising & Engagement

Last week our company  Sylogist  announced the acquisition of  Mission CRM , a leader in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Power Apps solutions for nonprofits.  This is big news for us and for the nonprofit sector.  Mission CRM built a SaaS fundraising and engagement platform architecture and mindset.  They were one of the first to embrace the vision of Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact   organization which called for industry standards of compatibility and interoperability as well as working solutions geared toward the needs of nonprofits.  Microsoft partnered with Mission CRM in development of the Common Data Model ("CDM") for nonprofits and in developing the  Fundraising and Engagement solution , based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise.   The Mission CRM solution takes advantage of the Microsoft platform and provides seamless constituent engagement, online fundraising and campaign pages, event management, peer-to-peer fundraising, donation processing, funds distributi

Switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Source: by James Townsend This year Microsoft announced a date for the end of mainstream support for Dynamics 365 GP 2018 accounting software.  This spurred some blogs and customers to think that they must switch from Dynamics GP to another product by January 10, 2023 when mainstream support ends. It turns out that this announcement does not cover the latest version which is named simply Dynamics 365 GP (without a year in the product name).  Dynamics 365 GP will continue to be developed and supported indefinitely. Without support, customers cannot continue to use accounting software because it must be maintained in order to comply with changing tax and regulatory requirements.  Microsoft ships these updates in the June and December releases, and adds hotfixes and other new features in an October update.  This stay of execution is good news for Dynamics GP customers, but it doesn't mean that they should not be seeking a m

My Favorite Microsoft Power Apps Bloggers and their Blogs

  by James Townsend Microsoft Power Apps is one of my favorite subjects, and I enjoy reading blog posts from members of this thriving technical community.  Here are some of my favorite bloggers and their blogs: The Official Microsoft Power Apps Blog   I have to start with the official Microsoft Power Apps blog.  It has many contributors, largely Microsoft program manager, including frequent posters Denise Moran ,  Greg Lindhorst , Kartik Kanakasabesan , and  Adrian Orth .  This is the place to go for product announcements, updates and technical how-to for a broad range of Power Apps topics.  April Dunnam April Dunnam has been a rising star for years, formerly on SharePoint and now devoting herself to Power Platform.  April offers highly understandable explanations of Power Platform, Dataverse and other top Power Apps topics. She joined Microsoft in late 2019 and has a thriving YouTube channel .  Carl De Souza Power Apps Blog and eBook This is one of the most extensive and best organize