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Estimating the Cost of a Grants Manager Plus Implementation

Grants Manager Plus is a solution for tracking the full life cycle of a grant, from funding sources to publishing grant opportunities, accepting online applications, review, scoring, award, post-award reporting and closeout. The solution and its precursor Stimulus360 has been used to track over $250 billion in government grants. InfoStrat has been building grants management systems for government agencies since 1999 and we have implemented a wide array of grant systems. The number of users, complexity of your business rules and the extent of your automation goals are cost drivers for the system.   We will discuss some of the factors that must be considered to help you come up with a cost estimate for your requirements. The Type and Number of Grant Programs Grants are typically either Competitive Grants or Formula Grants.  You may also need to track loans in addition to grants. Formula grants award funds to the applicant based on a preset formula.   For example, some federal agenci