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Introducing the InfoStrat PortVue Portal for Dynamics CRM

Many Dynamics CRM solutions involve external or occasional users who do not need access to the full Dynamics CRM user interface and would be better served with a simplified view of selected forms and reports. The InfoStrat PortVue portal simplifies portal access to Dynamics CRM, allowing you to Support anonymous and authenticated users Configure web pages which combine multiple elements such as data grids, data forms, and static HTML content Enter data into multiple Dynamics CRM entities from a single web page Allow document attachments to online forms Run reports and export as PDF, Excel and other formats Provide sortable grid editing for multiple records Enforce Dynamics CRM security model and provide additional levels of security Allow enterprise search across multiple Dynamics CRM entities Support multiple browsers Deploy on Microsoft and open source web platforms Provide self-registration, password reset, and password encryption Access other ba

Top Ten CIO Checklist for Cloud Computing

Once you've made the decision to move your servers to the cloud, be sure to read the fine print.  Here are some factors that CIOs and other buyers should look for: Understand your data security needs.   What form of encryption is provided?  Are there government security rules or standards you must follow? Don't take virtualization for granted.   Make sure that all your servers can be virtualized.  Some older systems such as mainframes and AS/400 may require co-location instead unless you want to migrate to a more modern system. Start small and prioritize your cloud migration .  Start with less essential services so you can learn how to transition from your data center to the cloud without as many angry users.  Running for a month or more with limited services will give you a better idea of actual costs. Watch pricing for data in and out.   Many services don't charge for moving data to the virtual server but charge for moving it off the server.  So if you have ten ser