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Internal Training Sessions at InfoStrat

One of the biggest challenges for IT services companies like my company InfoStrat is to stay current with the latest product releases and to keep learning new things even while we are engaged with demanding projects on behalf of our clients.
For this reason, we have created multiple ways to collaborate and share with one another.  This week we are conducting internal training sessions to allow a forum for our consultants to share what they are doing, the problems they are solving, and new things they have recently learned.
I thought that some of my readers might be interested in the topics that we cover, so here is a partial list of presentations from our agenda: Understanding Microsoft FlowBuilding a configurable framework for a complex website using Azure Service Fabric and SitecoreWorking on Agile projects with large offshore teamsCollaboration with Microsoft TeamsCreating advanced form navigation on Microsoft Dynamics Portal to allow skipping to specified sections in a long formUs…